Foundations for Counseling Ministries School (FCM)

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Foundations for Counseling Ministries

FCM is listed as CNH 211-212 in the University of the Nations Catalog

This is a post-DTS modular certificate course offered by YWAM Livingstone, Zambia and it is a required course for all undergraduate Counseling degrees of this university. While the DTS is the doorway into YWAM and the University of the Nations,  this module is the doorway to the counseling side of the College of Healthcare and Counseling (for those majoring in Counseling). It aims at laying a foundation for a counseling ministry that is Christian and biblical. The student learns active listening skills,  empathy,  respect,  warmth,  the place of prayer in counseling,  basic Rational Restructuring (Rational Christian Thinking),  HIV/AIDS Psycho-social counseling,  among the 12 topics of this course.

The personal character of the Counselor is so important to the counseling ministry that recovery may be affected by it. This counseling school does continue the emphasis on character development started in the Discipleship Training School and expands it. The 12 weeks of lectures are followed by 12 weeks of ministry outreach where the students and staff go as a team to serve the needs of the community. Such outreaches may be done in partnership with churches or other ministries sharing similar values.

Graduates of this school will be eligible for the Certified Addictions Counselor (CAC I) certification of the University of the Nations upon completing the Addictive Behavior Counseling School and its Field Assignment phase. For other majors, such as, Family Therapy, there is a Family Ministries School at YWAM Worcester where one can continue studying. There is a double major in the college of Counseling and Healthcare, it combines both counseling content and Primary Healthcare content for a 152 semester credit degree in both. Students are advised to consult an Academic Adviser so that they can be guided in their degree planning.

The start date of this school is 15th January every year. For an application form, click the link below.

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