Discipleship Training School (DTS)

Jonathan Mumbi (Base Director)


The Discipleship Training School is the most important training module offered by YWAM anywhere in the world because in this module is a required qualification for entrance into volunteer missionary service or into the University of the Nations as a student. The prospective candidate gets to be oriented to missions, lays a foundation for ministry on which future University of the Nations courses will be built, and spends invaluable time practicing godly values.

During the Discipleship Training School, the students will interact with staff and fellow students in many different contexts. It is our prayer that every student who comes to the DTS has the minimum maturity level to be a contributor in our learning community. Both students and staff are enriched by what each one brings to this community in terms of what they have gained from walking with God before the DTS and after the DTS.

  • 2018 DTS Dates:  January 15th to 1st June, 2018 will be the Christian Writing focus DTS. The idea behind this school is to allow God to provoke the writing passion in you.
  • July 2 to 16th November will be the Compassion/Community Development DTS. The aim of the focus is to stir up compassion for the poor and needy and help people towards a developmental worldview.
  • 1st October, 2018 to 22nd February 2019 will be the Classical DTS with the usual focus on evangelism and discipleship. This February 2nd to June 19th; June 28th to 13th November, and September 27th 2015 to 26th February 2016.
  • 2019 DTS DATES: 14th January to 7th June, 2019 will the the Christian Writing focus DTS.


  • Click the link below, download this application, fill it in, scan each page to a resolution that limits the whole set to no more than 5Mgb, mail back the application to us while we wait for your references to mail their copies directly to us.

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