As YWAM, we honor the Church leaders in the city where we work

As YWAM, we honor and partner with the Church leaders in the city where we offer training














The following YWAM/University of the Nations Schools (modules) are part of the building blocks of  degree programs offered by the University of the Nations. Please note that even if our ideal is to provide modules close together enough to create a fast track Associates degree program,  we cannot guarantee availability of such a program. Student enrollments in YWAM are modular. It is the student’s responsibility to ensure that modules applying to one’s degree plan are available in a manner that fits with one’s personal educational journey.

Yes! We are a Christian organization training missionaries for the world. Those wishing to be trained from our location must be prepared to live in a cross-cultural environment giving respect to the local culture,  and making the necessary adjustments needed to communicate the Gospel to whoever needs to hear it. WE STRONGLY RECOMMEND THAT ONLY PEOPLE WHO HAVE BEEN CHRISTIANS FOR AT LEAST TWO YEARS NEED TO APPLY!!!

  • Do not carry USA Dollar notes older than 2003 series because people do not like to buy them. There are too many fake ones on the market.
  • Carry new fifty Dollar bills  if you can because they are exchanged at a higher value than 1s, 5s, 10s,  and 20s,  in the Bureau de Exchanges (the banks will give you a flat rate for everything plus a commission).
  •  If you are in the Northern hemisphere your hottest months are our coldest (the weather is the opposite). It never snows in Zambia but once in a long while we get frost. Livingstone is more influenced by weather patterns similar to Zimbabwe and Botswana than the rest of Zambia.,
  •  It is easier to live and study in Zambia than most people imagine,  but you have to apply early and get the photocopies of all your documents certified by a lawyer as “certified true copies of the original” (in some countries Notaries will notarize),  official stamp and lawyer’s signature and you will have less problems using them. You need to justify why you should get an NGO work permit in Zambia by showing academic credentials that local folks do not have plus serving as volunteer.
  • There are more than 10 internet cafes in Livingstone but the speed is not always reliable. The nearest WiFi hotspot is less than a mile away from the base. Use it or pay to use the one on the base.
  • Livingstone is a growing, thriving newly rediscovered old city. It is  the tourist capital of Zambia and has very basic infrastructure to keep things going. Most visits to Zambia are incomplete without a visit to Livingstone, therefore, this town has a more cosmopolitan atmosphere than most of the others.
  • Ensure that you have you YELLOW FEVER shot and bring the card with you or else you will be denied entry. It will be nice to have a small 30cm x 30cm flag of your country if you do not mind bringing and leaving one with us.


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