YWAM Livingstone panoramic view from the street

YWAM Livingstone panoramic view from the street

 The word of the Lord to us is not evolution but Divine interventions! As a base we have been challenged to raise the infra-structure that will enable our ministry bless the wider community. We need two dormitories to train people in sufficient numbers to make a difference. Right now, we have one dormitory residence. We also need a multi-purpose facility for lectures, dining, group therapy and counseling services.

Just in case you would like to help with this, here is a list of key things that need to be done as soon as possible:

  • Micro-project: Build twenty double bunk beds. The estimated cost for each bunk-bed is US$200 each. Total + 10% contingency = US$2200.
  • Mega-project: Tile the floor space of 4000 sq feet in future. That will be a US$6000 project. Its not urgent.
  •  Mega-project: Have ceiling boards in all the rooms for noise reduction and for privacy (this is very urgent). My estimate is US$5000 since it also have to be painted.
  • Micro-project: Another project that needs help is a wall fence around the property. We need to fence off half the property and that  can cost as much as  US$20,000. However, an interim wire fence to keep our pets in and keep out trespassers  can be put up for US$3000 and that is what we are hoping for. Its a very urgent need.
  • Micro-project: We need 10 extra tables and one projector. ten tables @$50 each will cost $500  (no one sells projectors in our town so there is no estimated cost).
  • Mega-project: We need a 4×4 van for difficult outreach terrain (unfortunately, vans are expensive in Zambia, a good second hand one was selling for US$20,000 at a local Livingstone used car dealer).

We started with the difficult to achieve project and this is our 14 bed-roomed residence for singles and young couples. The next will be a residence for married couples and small families. With that comes the need for a jungle gymn or children’s play ground which will serve the needs of the base and children in the same community.

Our ministry base does not have an office and that is an immediate and very pressing need. I (Jonathan) the pioneering base leader of this ministry have had to squat my ministry into my bedroom for the last 12 years and that is not fun at all. So I am trusting God for a release of about US$25,000 to build a flat which will separate the base office from any Base Leader’s living space.

A big new project we have adopted is to assist a community school about 10km away from us. We would like to take in teams to help evangelize and disciple the children (the school has 260 children). The needs are sports equipment like footballs, netballs, volleyballs, hoola hoops, skipping ropes, etc. They also need support with reading materials like text books, and other books. This school has been blessed by an NGO which has been sponsoring their untrained teachers through formal training. The down-side of that is that once the teachers qualify, they get recruited into government schools and the kids are left without teachers once more.

We will be sharing more about a digital audio music production project later. The cost of music production has been reduced to about 5% what it was in the 80s due to technological advancement in music production. People are producing world-class music from their garages and home studios. We want to tap into this and train youths to produce digital music ethically from our own studio. This will mean buying 4 legal copies of FL Studio 11 @ US$1200 total.