Youth With A Mission Livingstone has been involved in many different types of ministries. Seasonal ministries happen from time to time and other ministries are on-going ministries.


This is the heart of all other ministries we are involved in. Training prepares and sets the quality of service our workers will be able to offer. However, training is what really blesses communities far from where we are. Our graduates have the whole world as their field of application. Our students come from such distant places as Salt Spring Island near Vancouver, Canada all the way to Perth Australia. From Jo’burg to Nairobi and in between.


Chaplaincy ministries is the umbrella ministry of all our Christian service ministries of discipleship and counseling to people in spiritual need. There are always people who cannot assume Church membership right away for various reasons. Our chaplaincy ministries are intended to serve such people until they are able to take the next step. This is a good place to start for a new believer or a seeker because it is not a church, we do not baptize people, or take their tithes. If we ever ask for a donation it will not be for YWAM nor will it come into the YWAM coffers but it will only serve the group need that made such a contribution necessary, e.g., parties and outings. We do this so that every participant who is a church member understands we are not in competition with the local churches.

Mercy or Compassion ministries include advocacy for the poor and needy, counseling, Community Health Evangelism/Education, Adult Internet literacy, among many other activities. Empowerment activities are focus on spiritual, social, economic, and intellectual capacity building.

When do we ask for donation? When what we want to do cannot be funded by our own volunteers finances, or contributions from beneficiaries of our services. For example, we need a multi-purpose building to serve as our Adult learning center, Chaplaincy ministries meeting place, Addictions support-group meeting place, dining hall and lecture hall. These are the kinds of challenges for which we will invite the help of other men and women of like faith. So far we have never asked for any donation for YWAM staff from participants in the Chaplaincy ministries even if they are free to make a donation like any other friend of the mission. In short, we ask them to raise their own ministry funds which they get to supervise and use as participants. YWAM full time staff do not handle any part of it.

This is a draft of the kind of multi-purpose building we need to move forward as a ministry

This is a draft of the kind of multi-purpose building we need to move forward as a ministry