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Livingstone lies in the Zambezi Valley almost 300m lower than Lusaka. Even if it is lower than Lusaka, it is still 900m above sea-level. The weather is the opposite of the Northern Hemisphere. July is the coldest month and October-November are the hottest and driest months. Livingstone is about 4 degrees warmer than Lusaka on a hot day. it is the opposite (4 degrees colder) cold days.

Since the hosting of the United Nations UNWTO conference, this city’s street lighting and road networks have been improved. The government plans to build a public university in this town. Livingstone boasts of so many lodges and guesthouses it can easily host international matches. This is why the government is also planning to build a world-class stadium here.

At the Knife bridge of the Victoria Falls

At the Knife bridge of the Victoria Falls

Falls from Livingstone

The spray as viewed from Livingstone city centre


From Mosiotunya building


Livingstone is Zambia’s tourism capital and it boasts of dozen’s of tourist attractions apart from the Victoria Falls. Many come to see the Victoria Falls because it is one of the 7 natural wonders of the world. With a little bit of planning and patience with public transport, there are 6 other waterfalls that international visitors can see in this big country. Livingstone’s business district lies along the main road (Mosi-o-Tunya Rd) with a few improvements in the last 50 years. With some guidance, a visitor can learn a lot about Zambia’s colonial past. Some do not even know that this town was once the national capital of Northern Rhoadesia.


Giraffe Animals in Livingstone’s local park

Downtown Livingstone

YWAM base from the garden


Elephants in Mosiotunya National park

_MG_6076_resize Wild life


Bungi jumper paradise

Bungi jumping off the Zambezi River bridge

Bungi jumper retrieved

Bungi jumper retrieved

YWAM Livingstone from the road

YWAM Livingstone from the road