Donation guidelines for ministry and staff supporters


Donations are at the heart of Faith-based services offered by many Christian ministries. Someone challenged us as SAM_0487 (1280x849)a mission to make our money a servant not a master over our lives. Every missionary needs to understand that without a call from God, money becomes too powerful to be a slave. It becomes a master. It commands things, direction, priorities, choice of who to marry, whom to serve, and a thousand other things. Putting your money to work

Youth With A Mission Livingstone is a voluntary organization which is supported by gifts from friends of the mission and friends and family of students and staff. The purpose of this website is not to fund-raise but to share information concerning the state of the ministry. For this reason we encourage our first time visitors to navigate away from this page! Financial ministry partnerships are dangerous to every one who is not prepared for the spiritual warfare that accompanies financing the extension of God’s kingdom in the hearts of people. Satan fears the blessing that will return to the giver–it is multi-generational–but he also fears the greater effectiveness of missionaries at the battle-front!

The actual process of transferring money to YWAM Livingstone,  Zambia, is very easy,  just wire the money to the ministry’s account and it will be credited in 5 days. Please be sure to email us and clarify how the donation is to be used. For sums of money from US$10 up to US$1,000,  MoneyGram has 4 outlets,  which can pay out right here in Livingstone,  Zambia. In that case,  the contact person’s name to be used is the Base Director’s (Jonathan Mubanga Mumbi). However,  we still prefer donations to this organizations to be made using our official YWAM bank account,  whose details are given below.,

ACCOUNT NAME: Youth With A Mission, 

ACCOUNT #:0432067400191 , 

BANK DETAILS: Zambia National Commercial Bank Ltd,  Main Branch,  Livingstone,  ZAMBIA.




It is our concern that we do not have a rich ministry with poor ministers (a situation where the base has lots of funds designated to serving the community while its volunteer ministers are starving is a contradiction of values). We encourage friends and families supporting our staff in prayer and financially to do so directly. As a rough guide, US$100 per person per month is a rough guide for a minimum required by a single staff volunteer’s survival on the base. However, to be effective in ministry as an individual, each person needs US$200 per month. Funds intended for individuals must be accompanied by an explanatory email (or a note spelling out the beneficiary in the bank transfer details).

It is obvious that donations to the base are considered public and donations to individual ministers are considered private. Supporters who mind being named in public do need to say so when they support the ministry of YWAM Livingstone. Finally, YWAM Livingstone does not guarantee that the government in the donor’s country of origin will accept or recognize our receipt for tax purposes. YWAM is registered as a company limited by guarantee implying that it largely depends on donations for funding and if it make any profit at all, all of it will be spent on its community activities.

Thank you for your prayers and financial support! May God guide you as to whether this is the time to invest in His Kingdom by donating to YWAM Livingstone!