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Jonathan & Jean are the leaders of YWAM Livingstone

Jonathan & Jean are the leaders of YWAM Livingstone


Communication is a value to Youth With A Mission globally and we at YWAM Livingstone do wish to have the clearest communication with staff, students, and the general public. It goes without saying that the official representative of the Base is the Base Leader and all official communication must be addressed to him or her. Our staff and students do know a lot about the mission but the responsibility to ensure that official communication has reached the right person lies with the inquirer or sender of communication items.

Our staff and students on official duty are encouraged to have a letter of introduction from the Base because not everything YWAM volunteers do are officially endorsed by leadership. This is important because in the spirit of encouraging initiative and innovation, students and staff are free to pursue their visions and ministerial passions. However, these visions and passions may not necessarily be official duty or policy.

Folks interested in our staff and what they actually do as a service in YWAM can visit the Staff Profile page or write the specific individual to be included on that individual’s monthly newsletter. YWAMers are generally happy to share their news with friends of YWAM from all over the world. If you do not receive a response in two day, feel free to write Jonathan Mumbi on his personal email This is as a last resort and only for emergencies.

Postal Address: Youth With A Mission, P. O. Box 60508, Livingstone, Zambia.

Email addresses: (the Registrar and the Base Director can be contacted on this email so no private content here) or
Phone number(s):   ( contact Jonathan) +260-955838330 ( contact Jean) or +260-966263267
Skype: jonathanmumbi
Facebook: Ywam Livingstone


If you need our banking details so that you can wire some money directly to our Bank Account, be informed that Zambia does not use Routing numbers but we use SWIFT CODES which are really the initials of the bank, the country and the city. If you ever have to use MoneyGram or Western Union Money Transfer send an email to us to let us know that you are sending money through a service like that and list Jonathan Mubanga Mumbi as the recipient and we will issue you a receipt when we pick it up. Our preferred way of receiving funds is still the bank transfer.

NAME: Youth With A Mission Zambia,
ACCT #: 0432067400191,
BANK: Zambia National Commercial Bank, Main Branch, Livingstone, ZAMBIA.

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