Outreach Teams show their love


World Race Team girls painting the hall way

Mission building outreaches

YWAM Livingstone is a work in progress. This mission needs to be built by individuals as well as team efforts. Hosting ministry teams is part of the purpose of these buildings but it is not the whole purpose. YWAM Livingstone exists to develop discipled developers. The facility exists for training people who will go and do something transformational in the community or invest part of their lives in helping others along the way. We are open to partnering with churches and Christian ministries in touching the lives of the poor and needy around us with information that will transform their lives. Knowledge is power, but development-specific knowledge plus, attitude change, plus improved skill-set is more likely to bring about personal and community transformation.

If you are a mission-building team seeking an opportunity to help with construction projects, please let us know the type of project you are interested in and we will work together to get the necessary permission from the city. YWAM Livingstone is bound by city building codes and therefore, projects have to be planned with that in mind. Here are a few things that we need to see done by mission-builder outreach teams and individuals:

  • Sinking a bore hole (source the money and find a borehole driller locally to do the job)
  • Building a reservoir tank stand
  • Buying a reservoir tank and submersible pump
  • Casting the foundations from our 11m x 20m building extension
  • Guttering the roofs so that rain water can be harvested and stored
  • Etc